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Res Publica: Trans activists are ruling the world

Regulars | By Simon Carr

The culture of rights and entitlements is becoming the new orthodoxy 

The Colorado River is suing the state of Colorado. That’s quite something to get my grey head round. The Deep Green Resistance (who are bringing the case on the river’s behalf) is hoping the judge will grant the river ‘personhood’. It’s a brilliant new level of identity politics. The trick in this modern game is to find some group of people on the margins of society and demonstrate how they have been marginalised by a brutal, dominant culture.  And now activists are demanding rights – and, by the sound of it, human rights – for rivers. That’s taking us back to a long-gone, magical cosmology. And it’s not the only example. Oh, far from it. The world is changing at dizzying speeds. ‘Otherkin’ social media groups cater for people who believe not just that they were born into the wrong-gendered body, but that they were born into the wrong species...

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