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Res Publica: Whites and wrongs

Regulars | By Simon Carr | October 2017

The fervent advance of the anti-fascists could end up making all palefaces feel as if they’re guilty of terrible crimes

Back in the Seventies, Muhammad Ali told the affable Michael Parkinson, ‘The white man is the devil.’ Parkinson queried this and Ali replied by demanding evidence that the white man wasn’t the devil. Ali’s case was put with the ease and force of his dancing days, and there was no answer to it. Now, fifty years later, the question is back again, being asked more aggressively. It’s framed in terms of ‘white supremacy’ – that all white people enjoy privileges over everyone else, and that, in pursuit of supremacy, they have committed the worst crimes against humanity, and keep committing them daily. It’s not just Aryans, Klansmen and Odinists who are in the frame. It’s every white person. White people are the enemies of all – and not merely of non-whites but of animals, species, ecosystems and the planet (which white people are deliberately destroying, for reasons that aren’t entirely...

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