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'In my next life, I'm coming back as Andrew Edmunds' says James Pembroke in his restaurant review

Pursuits | By James Pembroke | July 2017

James Pembroke pays The Petersham in Richmond and Soho's notorious Andrew Edmunds a visit

The Petersham, Richmond, Surrey On 26th April, it was Jeremy Lewis’s funeral, in Mortlake. Eleven of us were there to say farewell to him in his wicker casket, which had a copy of The Oldie on top. ‘He hadn’t read this issue,’ a neighbour whispered. ‘He’ll need something to read upstairs. He’s on the front cover, after all.’ We then retreated to his house to gorge on his favourite Soreen malt loaf, before heading to the Petersham hotel for an early dinner. It was here that Jeremy hosted one of his inspiring memoir-writing courses, the equivalent of being given a golf lesson by Arnold Palmer.  We sat down at our table, marvelling at the bucolic view of the river and Petersham Meadows, when the most extraordinary thing happened. The sunset was fairly blinding but I could make out a man in his sixties entering the dining room through the beams...

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