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Pursuits | By James Pembroke | October 2017

The Game Bird, The Stafford Hotel, London

D'ar-Men Hotel and Restaurant, Le De Sein, Brittany

I met Anne Robinson, this Oldie’s cover girl, at its Editor’s book launch, back in early March.  Harry was keen that she should join our crack team of regulars, and my job, as publisher, was to woo and flatter her. She approached me: ‘You don’t know who I am, do you?’  ‘Yes, of course, I do.’ Then, despite all the preamble, I suffered paralysing name amnesia. ‘You’re Anne Diamond.’  Participants and viewers of The Weakest Link will appreciate that, under the great lady’s Medusa glare, I immediately became one of HM Bateman’s shrunken subalterns at the feet of a purple-faced colonel.  The next day, I sent her a grovelling offer of a fee, to which she replied, ‘This will allow me an extra small Chanel handbag each year. I think a lunch when I return from India might be necessary. I will judge you further by your choice of restaurant.’...

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