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Pursuits | By James Pembroke | December 2017

Crab House Café, Weymouth, Dorset

Oldroyd, Islington, London

To celebrate the end of a hectic summer, we went for a tour of West Dorset. We started at Tolpuddle, hoping to learn about the martyrs. What a dreary place. Arguably, Britain’s worst museum tells the martyrs’ tale through the lens of the Molesworth Muddled School of History. We learned very little about the aptly named martyr George Loveless; so we moved on to Athelhampton House, where, as if part of some benign penance, the owner was astride his digger, toiling away. Then we just caught closing time at the Dorset County Museum, architecturally a mini Pitt Rivers, complete with Thomas Hardy’s reconstructed study. We could have spent hours there but were ushered out. So, on to Weymouth, to the Crab House Café, which is situated at the beginning of the causeway to the Isle of Portland, which, complete with borstal, used to frighten me as a child; more so...

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