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Short Cuts: Help! I haven’t been groped

Regulars | By Anne Robinson | January 2018

But some well-known men have certainly tried it on 

I have become a grave disappointment to the editor of this magazine. Despite a lifetime careering around newspaper offices, Westminster, television studios, several visits to 10 Downing Street and even – oh, the shame – a meeting with Harvey Weinstein, who wanted to get his hands on The Weakest Link, my incidents of Groper-gate are practically zero. Worse still, younger members of the sisterhood have now pretty well disowned me. This is since I sat in a BBC radio car in my drive in Gloucestershire, being interviewed for the Today programme. Unfortunately, I sighed and giggled when one of the two female guests in the studio was explaining how inappropriate it was for a male barrister to have described her as stunning. I didn’t actually say so but, if the truth were told, I have been known to perk up considerably when described thus. More seriously, I believe that my...

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