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Sophia Waugh: Home Truths

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The fete that is awaiting us all 

I suppose we all, to some extent or another, have overlapping lives. We are the little circle at the centre of a Venn diagram, looking outward at the worlds that spin around us. But I sometimes think that my life is spread over more disparate a collection of worlds than many of my friends. I was set up for it when I went to school – a grammar in a country town, from which I took trips to London to see a Harley Street orthodontist. From there, I would meet my father in Soho, who would take me to the French House, where I was warmly greeted by his journalist friends before lunch in a Chinese restaurant. I never admitted, even to my closest friends, that the dentist was in London, let alone Harley Street. And so it has continued. My teaching life, my family life, my social life and...

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