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Sophia Waugh: School Days

Regulars | By Sophia Waugh | September Issue

We’re starting to make the grade 

Those of us who teach English and maths are in a lull before a storm. Or maybe a storm before a lull. That is the thing; we have absolutely no idea where we are. Personally, I find it all rather jolly, but then, in some ways, I am not your average teacher. Everything has changed for us – the content, the way of marking, the speci cations, the assessment objectives, the very letters (A, B, C etc) with which we have been so con dent for so many years. Letters, for heaven’s sake, have morphed into numbers. And, for the English teachers at least, this is in itself a philosophical problem hard to contemplate. Children who leave school this year will open an envelope with an Alphabetti spaghetti of results: 1-9 for English and maths (with 9, confusingly, at the upper end); and A-G for the other subjects (with A still...

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