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Subscription boxes – Edwardian in a modern kind of way

Regulars | By Reverend Steve Morris | December 2019

Box-fresh. A healthy subscription box

The Reverend Steve Morris wonders at the subscription box phenomenon

Back in 2010, US entrepreneurs Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna had a brainwave. Why not set up a subscription service for beauty products? The punters parted with money, trusted Beauchamp and Barna to know their stuff, and each month received a box of beauty goodies. The service now has more than a million subscribers. Little could Beauchamp and Barna have known then that they were part of a huge change in the way we get our treats. Where America treads first, we often follow. The Royal Mail forecasts that the UK subscription-box market will be worth an eye-watering £1 billion by 2022. Some 27 per cent of us have already signed up to receive food, drink, flowers or something else. The sheer range of choice for subscription boxes is massive. If you are a fan of rustic pasta, there is a box experience aimed at you. If you want men’s...

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