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Arts | By Roger Lewis

The Dame Barbara Windsor biopic Babs was imaginatively done.  Set in a deserted auditorium at the end of the pier, the woebegone Carry On star looked back across her life and lamented the plethora of terrible men, from gangsters to gayers, starting with her capricious dad, played as an EastEnders archetype by Nick Moran.  Samantha Spiro was affecting and vivid as the older actress. Honor Kneafsey was quite beautiful as Babs as an actual babe. But Jaime Winstone was terrible as Babs in the 1960s. She was like a butch Diana Dors. Otherwise – I loved it.  The disjointed flashback structure mapped Babs’s memories, and I only wish there was a second episode to have covered her affair with Sid James, her marriage to Stephen Hollings, and the occasion when she came to see me at the Garrick, waving her Jackpotty wand and dressed as a fairy. But the...

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