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The incredible sulk, Angus Wilson - Michael Barber

Features | By Michael Barber

Anglo-Saxon attitude: Sir Angus Wilson (1913-91) in 1974

Angus Wilson was once a grand old man of letters. By the time of his death 30 years ago, his fame was in freefall. By Michael Barber

In Martin Amis’s latest book, Inside Story, there’s a passing reference to the shocking eclipse of Angus Wilson, once hailed as the natural successor to Evelyn Waugh. He died discredited, destitute and demented 30 years ago, on 31st May 1991, aged 77. At Wilson’s 70th-birthday party in 1983, a huge bien-pensant jolly held at London Zoo, of which he was a Fellow, who could have predicted the fall to come? ...

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