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Kate Sawyer, Aung San Suu Kyi, the British National Anthem, Candida Lycett Green and Mad Max

A number of readers have written to lament the disappearance from these pages of Kate Sawyer’s column, Whiteboard Jungle, about her trials and challenges as a teacher in a West of England school. Whiteboard Jungle has gone, it is true, as has Kate Sawyer, who has been replaced by Sophia Waugh. Kate Sawyer and Sophia Waugh are, however, one and the same person. Sophia Waugh was always the teacher so widely admired by Oldie readers, but she had been writing under a nom de plume. Kate Sawyer was the pseudonym she chose in order to conceal her true identity and thus spare the school – its parents, teachers, and students – any embarrassment that might have been caused them by her boldly expressed opinions on educational issues.

Now, though, writing on page 40 under the new banner of Home Truths, she has decided to come clean and be herself. She is broadening her canvas to write not only about school (she will continue to do this when she feels like it) but also about anything else of interest to do with everyday life in a small Somerset town. So I hope that the fans of Kate Sawyer won’t find it too difficult to transfer their affections to her successor.

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