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Red or blue? The Oldie makes its choice

Old Un's Notes | July 2017

After careful consideration, there can be only one answer

When it comes to elections, the Old Un sits very firmly and comfortably on the fence.

He takes as his mantra the great Buddhist saying, ‘Don’t just do something; sit there!’

Whoever triumphs, there is one comfort – at least an oldie will win the general election. On 8th June, Theresa May will be 60 and Jeremy Corbyn will be 68. It will be the first time both main candidates in a general election have been 60 or over since 1945, when a 62-year-old Clement Attlee beat a 70-year-old Churchill.

In between, we’ve had some horrifyingly young Prime Ministers. When he first came to power, David Cameron was only 43 – the same age as Tony Blair in 1997. John Major was just 47 when he got to No 10; Gordon Brown was 56. Even Margaret Thatcher was a sprightly 53 when she took office in 1979. 

Farewell, then, callow youths who know next to nothing about the world. Welcome to the deep wisdom that comes with age.

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