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The Oldie of the Year awards 2016

Features | March 2016

Olivia de Havilland with her Oldie award and her two Oscars

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And the 2016 Oldies of the Year are...

Listen to the full awards ceremony here:

Olivia de Havilland - Oldie of the Year

Listen to Olivia's acceptance speech here:

Jeremy Hutchinson - Oldie of the Year

Aung San Suu Kyi - Democrat of the Year

Molly Meacher - Campaigner of the Year

Timothy West and Prunella Scales - Bargees of the Year

Robert Hardy - Longbowman of the Year

Germaine Greer - Iconoclast of the Year

Don McCullin - Witness of the Year

Lady Colin Campbell - Battle-Axe of the Year

Leon and June - Square Eyes of the Year

More images from the Awards:

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