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​The secrets of app-iness ​

Regulars | By Matthew Webster | January 2018

Matthew Webster on the wonderful world of apps

Rather against my normal instincts, I have found myself using my phone more and more for daily tasks; it’s very seductive. My name is Matthew and I am becoming addicted to using my phone – but not for making phone calls. It’s only smartphones that have this siren quality – the ones with screens. So, if you have an older one, you are safe. However, if you do have a smartphone, becoming hooked is very easy. My downward spiral started when I began using my phone to pay for small things in shops. You load the appropriate application (‘app’) onto your phone and then link it to your payment cards. You then use your phone like a contactless card. At the till, you wake up your phone and wave it at the payment terminal; some electronic magic takes place and the money is transferred. Once you get the idea, it...

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