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The Wright stuff - Billy Wright, football king, at 100. By John Price

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With wife, Joy, one of the Beverley Sisters.

In 1955, schoolboy John Price was charmed by Billy Wright. The England captain, who married a Beverley Sister, would have been 100 this year

It wasn’t unusual for England footballers to be mentioned in morning assembly at the grammar school I attended in Stoke-on-Trent in the fifties. Dennis Wilshaw, the Wolverhampton Wanderers and England inside forward, taught us PE and maths, and so we frequently heard of his achievements. One spring morning in 1955, the headmaster announced casually, ‘At Wembley Stadium on Saturday afternoon, Mr Wilshaw scored four goals in the Association Football international against Scotland.’ This made Dennis the first England player to score four in an international and the first to score a hat trick against ‘the old enemy’. We applauded politely – whooping and whistling not being on the curriculum back then. But with all due respect to the man who introduced me to quadratic equations, a few weeks later an unprecedented buzz filled the hall when we heard that Billy Wright (1924-94), captain of Wolverhampton Wanderers and England, was to...

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