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Arts | By Paul Bailey

Young Marx

The Bridge, London’s beautiful, brand-new theatre, is situated by the Thames, between City Hall and Tower Bridge. It seats 900 and boasts a versatile acting space which can encompass an elaborate musical or a chamber piece with a small cast. Its founding fathers are Nicholas Hytner, the former director of the National Theatre, and Nick Starr, who with Katrina Gilroy have formed the London Theatre Company. The spacious building is the work of the architect Haworth Tompkins, collaborating with TAIT Stage Technologies on the imposing auditorium, which has perfect sightlines, comfortable legroom and good acoustics. The ticket prices are reasonable, too.  I wish I could be as enthusiastic about the play Hytner has chosen for its opening production. Young Marx is concerned, as its title suggests, with Karl of that name, and his time in London in the 1850s, when he was living in poverty with his wife and children...

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