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‘Three days at home and I go mad’

Regulars | By Louise Flind | April 2018

Top jockey Frankie Dettori never puts his feet up. He is happiest on the move, with three saddles in his bag, he tells Louise Flind

Do you travel with your saddle? I have two sets of tack in the UK. A set in the North – small, medium and large saddles, helmets, boots, waterproofs, gloves and whip, which my Northern valet looks after – and one in the South. Also one in France and Dubai, and then I’ve got a set to travel with, ie if I go to America. Once I flew to Chicago in the morning, I rode there in the afternoon and then I had a flight straight back the same day. Like an idiot, right, because I thought, I’ve got plenty of time, my race isn’t till 5pm – I checked my bag in and I’d already checked myself in for the return so my bag never left the plane. They put it on the plane for the way back. Stupid me. So, I had to borrow everything – lucky we’re...

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