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Tom Hodgkinson finds food such a bore, he prefers booze and ideas

Regulars | By Tom Hodgkinson | July 2017

Town Mouse

At a recent Oldie lunch, I sat opposite Rodney Bewes, the great actor of Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? Now in his eighties, Rodney explained to me that the treatment he was receiving for a cancerous illness meant that he could not eat solid food.  ‘I haven’t had a meal for six months,’ he said cheerfully, while pouring himself a large glass of red wine. ‘It’s great. Nothing to interrupt the drinking.’ I know exactly how he feels. Eating is a bit of a bore. When my evening meal arrives, I always feel a faint tinge of disappointment, because it means that the glorious pre-dinner phase, where you drink on an empty stomach and all the stresses of the day disappear, is about to end. The fact is, and it feels like heresy to say it, I am not hugely interested in food. I am far more interested in...

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