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Travel: Going Solo

Regulars | By Kirsty Fergusson | July 2017

Sometimes there is no option but to holiday alone. You may even have your best experiences that way, as Kirsty Fergusson discovered

It was 1986. There were four of us, confined to the tedium of a provincial French town of impeccable bourgeois character for the duration of the school year. Paris was only an hour away by train, but the meagre salaries for twenty-year-old English lycée assistants allowed us only the odd day out, spent wandering the streets or nursing tiny cups of coffee. By January, I was desperate to escape the shuttered town – even if it meant the alarming prospect of solitary adventure. Armed with an Interrail ticket, as soon as lessons were finished on a Friday I raced to catch the early evening train to the Gare de l’Est, and cross platforms to whatever distant European city on the departure board triggered my romantic imagination. If the trains ran on time, I might just squeak back to school ahead of my first class – which started mercifully late on...

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