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Walking and gawping

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Ian Irvine and his daughter spend a long weekend in the Catalan capital

The question of Catalan independence has scarcely been out of the headlines for months. Both the determined opposition of the Spanish government in Madrid and the almost Brexit-like close division of the Catalans themselves over the issue mean it is unlikely to be resolved soon. Fortunately it is also unlikely to interfere with the pleasure of visitors to Spain in general and Catalonia in particular. Tourism is a crucial source of prosperity, especially in the last decade as the entire country struggled to recover from the financial crisis and the subsequent travails in the eurozone. Over twenty million people visit Barcelona each year, drawn to its winning combination of warm climate and outstanding food, architecture and culture.  For a long weekend there, the annual festival of La Merce at the end of September is an excellent time to go. The heat of high summer is past (and also the high season...

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