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When Sir Harold Evans went a courtin' - the Old Un

Regulars | By Valerie Grove

Sir Harold Evans in 2009 Credit: David Shankbone

Bettina Brown, his future mother-in-law, wasn't sure

The Old Un was sad to hear of the death of Fleet Street titan and former Times editor Harry Evans at the age of 92.

His mother-in-law, mother of Fleet Street queen Tina Brown, was the vivacious Bettina, wife of film producer George H Brown. A witty journalist, she wrote gossipy stories of the rich and starry for glossy expat magazines on the Costa del Sol.

In the early 1980s, when young Tina brought Harry, 25 years her senior, to Marbella, Bettina said, ‘Tina’s boyfriends these days are so old, George sometimes wonders if he should call them “sir”.’

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