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Olden Life: Who were The Bright Young Things?

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The Bright Young People – renamed Bright Young Things in the 2003 film version of Evelyn Waugh’s 1930 novel, Vile Bodies – first came to prominence thanks to a speeding offence. On 21st May 1924, the Honourable Lois Sturt, the actress daughter of Lord Alington, was caught speeding around the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park during a motorised treasure hunt. The 23-year-old lover of Reggie Pembroke (aka the Earl of Pembroke), Lois shot through a police control point at 51mph. When signalled to stop, she reduced speed slightly but then roared off again. The police caught up with her at London Zoo at the end of the race – in which she won third prize – and charged her with dangerous driving and failing to stop at the request of a police constable. On 14th July, the prosecutor, Herbert Muskett, told Marylebone Police Court the defendant had informed the arresting...

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