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Wilfred De'Ath: I love hating the young

Regulars | By Wilfred De'Ath | December 2017

The café where I take my early morning coffee is full of student oarsmen who have either just come off the river or are about to go out on it. All they ever talk about in their squeaky, minor public school accents – girls as well as boys – is rowing. I have never heard them discuss anything else. I hate them. Crossing the railway bridge, I run into great hordes of sixth form students, walking from the station towards their college. Their conversations, which are easy to overhear, relate exclusively to what they heard, or saw, on social media last night. They never talk about anything else. If you ask me, social media has a lot to answer for – most of the malaises of contemporary society seem to originate from them. I hate these students, too.  Time for a nice substantial breakfast at the Costa coffee shop (one...

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