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You can’t beat pheasant

Features | January 2018

They may be aliens but they are welcome in the British countryside – and taste much better than turkey, says Robin Page

I am looking forward to Christmas dinner this year. It will be exactly the same as Christmas dinner last year – and, unless there is some sort of divine intervention, the same as Christmas dinner next year, I hope. While the rest of the extended members of my family are gorging themselves on turkey, I will be eating my favourite meat – roast pheasant. I am not a good carnivore and have been a vegetarian, but I believe that, as evolution has given me ‘canine’ teeth – the teeth of the carnivore/omnivore – then I should use them properly. Pheasants, wild or released, provide delicious, white, healthy, free-range meat. A shot pheasant has a more dignified end than the millions of cockerels, turkeys and geese that meet theirs in an industrial-scale poultry abattoir. I write this as someone who does not shoot, hunt or fish – but I like to see...

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