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You won’t find me dead with a sex robot

Regulars | September Issue

Japanese dolls may laugh at my jokes but they’re still humiliating 

Even should my wife predecease me, I don’t think I shall be having sex with a robot. I could a afford to. I have savings. And I have done the research. Currently there are four manufacturers making life-like robotic sex dolls worldwide, at prices ranging between £ 4,000 and £ 12,000. If you’re on a budget, you can buy off-the-peg (looking at the catalogue, I took a shine to the True Companion Company’s Roxxxy doll) or, if you’re prepared to splash out a bit, you can have your robot customised by gender, height, weight, hair and eye colouring, skin tone and – this is the point – personality. Yes, in Japan they are now building robots that are programmed to ‘empathise’. Thanks to the latest developments in artificial intelligence, these robots can respond to your jokes. They can read your face. They can react to your body language. They can...

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