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A beginner's guide for thieves...

Blog | By Nigel Summerley | Jun 27, 2019

"Wallet Grab" by balleyne is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (cropped from original)

A beginner's guide for thieves...Another brilliant idea from the people who brought us 'See it, say it, sorted'...

This time the British Transport Police have produced a free leaflet which proves to be a handy guide to how to steal either someone's luggage or their mobile phone...

'A Guide to Gadget-Grabbers' Tactics', complete with beautifully clear illustrations, shows how to take a phone from someone who has fallen asleep on the train, or someone who has put their phone on the seat while they stow their luggage; and how to snatch someone's phone and escape just before the train pulls out.

On the flip side of the leaflet, 'A Guide to Luggage-Lifters' Tactics' includes similar wheezes for stealing suitcases, plus how to take someone's case while they are distracted in a station café, and how to steal it from the overhead rack in a carriage while they are looking the other way.

The free leaflet, available at railway stations, suggests, 'Don't be a victim' but seems to miss the point that this pocket-size document constitutes a handy beginner's guide to nicking stuff.

Did no one think that would-be criminals could see it, learn it... and be sorted... ?