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A drink a day keeps the doctor away!

Blog | By Harry Mount | Oct 10, 2018

How the late Dr Tom Stuttaford, The Oldie's doctor, would have shaken his head at today's copy of the Times, the newspaper he used to write for. A third of under-25s now don't drink anything at all.

In 1998, Dr Stuttaford, the Oldie's doctor, devoted a book, To Your Good Health!, about the beneficial effect of moderate drinking. In The Oldie, he wrote that 'ancient medical authorities, the Bible, and much reputable recent research all show that small quantities of alcohol can have a beneficial influence on the cardiovascular system, and even overall mortality'.

Dr Stuttaford himself drank half a bottle of wine in the evening with a drink before dinner. He lived to a great age, dying this summer aged 87, and writing to the end. His last column appeared in the July issue of the Oldie.

Cheers, Dr Tom! Medical scholarship owes you a great debt.