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A prayer for Oldie readers

Blog | By Rev Steve Morris | Jun 05, 2020

Maarten van Heemskerck: The Baptism of Christ (National Museum at Warsaw)

By series 5, US sitcom Happy Days was running out of ideas. The producers and writers decided to liven things up a bit and in one episode, the programme's star character, Fonzie, gets to go water-skiing and in the process gets to jump over a shark. It was not just far-fetched; it also signalled that the original ethos and culture of the show had gone.

The Celtic Christians knew that their faith wasn't a jumping the shark moment. They kept it grounded in everyday life. Their faith was homespun, yes, but it also had the ring of truth. They understood the God who made the universe in the context of the rhythms of everyday life. I think they got it right. This prayer is an example of their glorious down-to-earth faith. It is a house-blessing (slightly adapted by me) - why not say it over your home today?

Be Christ's cross on our dwelling place

Be Christ's cross on our hearth

Be Christ’s cross on our home

Upon the fire blazing...