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Answers and Winner of the Oldie Christmas Quiz Announced - by Marcus Berkmann

Blog | By Amelia Milne | Nov 29, 2023

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The winners are Yvonne and Terry from Walsall who win a delicious Partridges Oldie Christmas Deli Hamper.

Here are the questions and answers separately:-

1. Who was the only actor to appear in all 295 episodes of Last Of The Summer Wine?

2. The album version uses the name ‘Coca-Cola’ and the single uses ‘cherry cola’ instead, to avoid a BBC ban. Who flew from Minneapolis to London just to sing the words ‘cherry cola’?

3. Which Scottish football team played in two FA Cup finals, in 1884 and 1885? They lost, on each occasion, to Blackburn Rovers.

4. Which day of the week was originally Jupiter’s day, and still is in France?

5. What links the waltz, the fandango, the minuet, the mazurka, the polonaise and the saraband? Beyond the fact that they are all dances.

6. What six-letter word is the technical term for those tiny hamburgers you get as canapés at parties? The origin of the term is unknown, although an American regional hamburger chain was quick to trademark it in 1985.

7. Which country did Henry Kissinger once describe as ‘too big for Europe, too small for the world’?

8. Nicolas Cage in Adaptation, Edward Norton in Leaves of Grass, Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap, Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers, Tom Hardy in Legend and Bette Midler in Big Business all played what?

9. Which female American novelist, a great favourite of Paul Ryan, Alan Greenspan and Jimmy Wales (who founded Wikipedia), was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum in St Petersburg in 1905?

10. Which nine-letter word was first recorded in the writings of Thomas Elyot in the 1540s, meaning ‘one who binds or ties something’, and was only applied to the massive reptile it’s now generally used for fifty years later, in the 1590s?

11. In the 1850s and 1860s, who made incognito visits to Europe and the US under the name ‘Lord Renfrew’?

12. What did Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Golda Meir, Sir Oswald Mosley, Leon Trotsky, Richard Wagner, Isadora Duncan, Magic Johnson, Marc Chagall and Burt Reynolds all call their autobiographies? It’s a two-word title.

13. Who had the bestselling single in the UK in the years 1958, 1960, 1961 and 1970?

14. And who had the bestselling single in the UK in the years 1959 and 1988?

15. Cricket around the world is run by the ICC, the International Cricket Conference. But until 1965, the ‘I’ in ICC didn’t stand for International. What did it stand for?

16. Who was the second student ever to be elected Rector of Edinburgh University? He was elected in 1973, aged 21.

17. In 1939, Duke Ellington offered the songwriter Billy Strayhorn a job in his organisation, and sent him the money to travel from Pittsburgh to New York City. He even wrote directions for Strayhorn to get to his house by subway. How did those directions begin?

18. Which British monarch featured in Jackie Chan’s 2003 martial arts western comedy Shanghai Knights, was romanced by Charles Darwin in 2012 animated caper The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, and was played by Peter Sellers in drag in The Great McGonagall (1974)?

19. Who is the only Director of Central Intelligence — head of the CIA — who later became President of the USA?

20. Which artist, born Michelangelo Merisi in 1571, took his name from the small town outside Milan in which he grew up, moved to Rome, was arrested eleven times in six years, mostly for brawling and sword-fighting, and once for throwing an artichoke at a waiter, and went on the run in 1606 after killing a man during an argument about a tennis score? He did receive a Papal pardon for these crimes, but unfortunately he had died of a fever three days earlier.

1. Peter Sallis. 2. Ray Davies. (On ‘Lola’.) 3. Queen’s Park. 4. Thursday. (Jeudi.) 5. All in 3/4 time. 6. Slider. 7. Germany. 8. Pairs of twins. 9. Ayn Rand. 10. Alligator. 11. The Prince of Wales. (Later Edward VII. Baron Renfrew was one of his titles.) 12. My Life. 13. Elvis Presley. 14. Cliff Richard. 15. Imperial. 16. Gordon Brown. 17. ‘Take the A Train’. (Strayhorn’s song of this title became the signature tune of the Ellington orchestra.) 18. Queen Victoria. 19. George Bush Sr. 20. Caravaggio.

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