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Barry Cryer's favourite joke about memory

Blog | By Barry Cryer | Mar 03, 2021

John's at home, having a drink with his old friend, Dave.

Dave says to John, 'How have things been?'

John says, 'Well, it was terrible. I thought I was losing my memory. Went up stairs, couldn't remember what I'd gone up there for. Couldn't find my keys. But I've been taking these pills and they've had an amazing effect on my memory.'

'Fantastic,' says Dave. 'What are they called?'

'Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue,' says John. 'It’s got a stem, leaves and a thorn. A mixture of red and white?'

'Rose?' says Dave.

'Oh, that's it!' says John, shouting through to the kitchen. 'Rose, love, what's the name of those pills I take?'