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Barry Cryer's favourite Frankie Howerd joke

Blog | By Barry Cryer | By Barry Cryer | Jul 14, 2022

Frankie Howerd once told a joke. He never normally told jokes. He did it on a chat show.


An 82 year old man goes to his doctor.

'I want a complete physical examination. I'm about to get married,' says the old man.

'How old are you?' the doctor asks.

'I'm 82 and she's 24. I want a complete examination to make sure everything's working properly,' says the old man.

The Doctor said, '24! Well, I'll do the examination. But it might be better if you also got a young lodger. You know, company for your wife.'

'Yes, yes, what a good idea,' says the old man.

The doctor meets him again a few months later.

'Did you get married?' asks the doctor. 'How's your young bride?'

'She's pregnant,' says the old man proudly.

'And, erm, how's the lodger?' says the doctor nervously.

'She's pregnant, too,' says the old man.