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Dame Edna Everage's Christmas Message to Oldie readers

Blog | By Dame Edna Everage | Dec 25, 2023

Dame Edna by Eva Rinaldi

A Very Merry Christmas to all Oldie readers!

We are honoured to pass on Dame Edna Everage's Christmas Message – and her plans for 2024

Happy Christmas, possums!

I'm now looking back on my wonderful achievements over the years and starting work on my Trilogy.

It's only one book but my literary agent, Jonathan Lloyd, tells me people love trilogies, and who am I to argue?

It's pretty Proustian actually, and I was nibbling a scrumptious sponge-finger one day when it all came flooding back. The triumphs, the heartache, the applause, the standing ovations and the safe-distancing ovations.

You will read about my lunch at the Spectator (a periodical of the period) with the American statesman Spiro Agnew. My stint in the Falklands War, when I fearlessly sent my bridesmaid Madge Allsopp over the top to look for landmines. My virtual adultery with Salvador Dali. My long years of self-sacrifice during my husband Norm's illness, and how I established my worldwide charity, Friends of the Prostate.

On these pages, you will meet my mother, before I had her caringly relocated in a facility for the bewildered, and read about the legendary night we burnt my mother's things.

It's been a year for reflection, for taking stock; a watershed, if you will.

Throughout all this, my son Kenny (an influencer) has been at my side, as has his same-sex wife Clifford Smail (a children’s entertainer and video essayist).

Yes, I have at last publicly acknowledged Kenny's fluidity, which has been a lesser cross to bear than my husband's fluidity.

I needed this break, this intermission in my life, this ‘me-time’... But fear not, Possums, I'll be back!

Dame Edna Everage