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London's best cartoons

Blog | By Ferdie Rous | Aug 21, 2019

Kathryn Lamb explains how to behave in the House of Commons

Until September 1st, you’ll find a gem of a little exhibition beneath the floors of Charing Cross library.

The exhibition is in quite a modest space, but the space is well-used. Original cartoons from floor to ceiling and all on sale.

The London Cartoon Show has all the finest capital-themed cartoons from Britain’s most accomplished cartoonists and illustrators. Among the likes of the Guardian’s Martin Rowson and Dave Brown of the Independent, you have Oldie regulars like Kipper Williams, Kathryn Lamb, Clive Goddard and the Surreal McCoy.

Credit must go to the Professional Cartoonists’ Organization – founded in 2006 to preserve and continue the history of British cartoons – who put the show together.

Alfred Hitchcock by Simon Ellinas

With a subject like London there is no shortage of corkers. From Sweeney Todd’s local bakery to the houses of parliament and the royals to knife crime, there is a target of ridicule of every description.

However, certain subjects have merited special attention. Modern architecture gets a mention, Brexit gets a kicking and Boris gets a roasting. It’s hard to tell which Boris ones are from his mayoralty and which are from his premiership. But I suppose that’s not the point. He just isn’t much liked by cartoonists!

Rupert Besley

For the extra keen cartoon enthusiast there is a talk and a workshop. The talk is being given by Oldie regular Kipper Williams. I asked him about the content of his talk but there were no spoilers on offer. He was keeping mum!

If you’re in the area, drop in. It’s free and is certainly good for a chuckle or two!

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