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New York’s empty heliport

Blog | By James Fletcher | Jul 02, 2020

Perched beside The High Line at West 30th Street is the VIP heliport. Under normal circumstances, there is a potent smell of jet fumes and the unmistakable organ-rattling percussion from helicopters landing and lifting non-stop from one of the six helipads. A combination of tourist flights round Manhattan (grounded), and private charters (vastly reduced) waft passengers to and from the world’s most over-rated weekend playground - The Hamptons. On Friday and Sunday evenings, black SUVs lurk with engines running, await their owner like a dutiful pet - to complete the seamless journey from one house to another. Booked on a phone app, the journey is cut from 3.5hours by car to 40mins by air. A single seat is $900 and a private charter is $5,500. Each way.