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Supermarkets are – almost – full of all supplies now

Blog | By Harry Mount | Apr 18, 2020

Packed shelves at Sainsbury's this week (Credit: Harry Mount)

Pictured are the loo roll shelves at the Sainsbury's near the Oldie office in Fitzrovia, London.

I've been going to the same shop every day during the week and tracking the shortages. At the height of the panic, loo roll, fruit, veg, bread and milk were in short supply - and were largely stripped by lunchtime.

By the end of this week, those were all back. First the fruit and veg came back; then the milk; then the bread; and now the loo rolls. I talked to the nice manager this week and he said the only things in short supply now are wet wipes.

The queues are getting shorter, too, and often non-existent. Normal service, thank God, is being resumed.