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Tea cosies - Edward McParland

Blog | By Edward McParland | Jul 11, 2022

After a depressingly cold brew, Edward McParland laments the loss of the beloved tea cosy

When was the last time you saw a tea cosy?

You are cold and weary and would love a cup of tea. You stop at an outdoor café. There is a draught. The table – or the chair – rocks on the uneven pavement. You wait for service before – impatiently, and uncomfortably masked – entering the premises to enquire about ways of attracting service.

The tea arrives.

By now, your table is in the shade and the wind, busy at scattering the litter under your table, feels sharper than before. But the tea is welcome, and the milk is usable once you have removed the black fragments freshly blown into it.

Life will be perfect with the second cup. You reach for the cosy-less metal (!) teapot (which is a bad ‘pourer’, and was not heated initially). You pour the now bitter liquid, overbrewed from the tea bag, only to discover that the shade, the wind and the radiating power of naked aluminium has left you with cold tea.

You pay, depart and vow to start the BBTTCC – the Bring Back The Tea Cosy Campaign.