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The Corgi's Lament – a poem by Lady Antonia Fraser

Blog | By Antonia Fraser | Sep 13, 2022

Picture by Nglengna

The distinguished historian Lady Antonia Fraser has composed a new poem as a tribute to the late Queen

THE CORGI’S LAMENT - by Antonia Fraser

When a soft white hand

Caressed my fur,

I knew it was her.

When a gentle slap

Discouraged my yap,

I knew it was her.

I’ll miss the caress.

I’ll miss the slap.

Most of all,

The Royal shoes,

Planted so near,

Planted so long,

In charge of my fate.

Shining and strong,

Her dogs, her dears,

She calmed our fears.

We knew from those shoes

That we can’t bear to lose

She was our Queen