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The fantastic Edward Fox receives Oldie Stager of The Year Award

Blog | By Amelia Milne | Feb 01, 2023

Although the infamous Oldie of The Year Awards, or TOOTY as it is better known, took part in the latter part of last year, The Oldie Magazine awarded Edward Fox OBE his award this year at his house in the country. Here is a photo of the joyous occasion.

Edward was delighted to receive his award 'Oldie Stager of The Year' which he jointly won with the very talented Dame Siân Phillips.

Roger Lewis wrote about their formidable partnership:

"Also in The Chalk Garden, opposite Siân, was the fantastic Mr Edward Fox, a mere 85. The Day of the Jackal (1973) can be watched time and again. Edward gives more or less a silent performance, as the assassin putting together his masterplan. In everything he does, Edward exudes huge confidence, without needing to be flamboyant or making a meal of things.

As the Prince of Wales in the classic series Edward and Mrs Simpson (1978), I dare say he was more impressive and regal than the man he was impersonating. The real Edward VIII was a spoilt idiot; Edward Fox gave him tragic depth.

He is reliably perfect as military men. Edward must have been cast as a thousand lieutenant colonels; he is also good at butlers – it’s the same sort of role, requiring impeccable manners and attention to protocol.

My favourite performance of his is the forlorn clown, a supporting role, in The Dresser. Edward Fox quite steals the show from Hopkins and McKellen, who seemed unaware of what was happening."

You can see why these two wonderful Oldies deserved to be crowned Oldie Stagers of The Year. Enjoy your award, Edward!