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The moment my bike was stolen in New York

Blog | By James Fletcher | Aug 12, 2020

One immediate effect of the virus was a dramatic reduction in public transport usage in New York. Train carriages are almost empty. The underground network has never been cleaner because the deep cleansing programme has shifted generations of filth and grime. We haven’t quite achieved Singaporean levels of cleanliness… but for an ancient network, it’s a big improvement. Similarly to London in the aftermath of the tube bombings, the ranks of cyclists have grown very quickly as fresh air is virus-unfriendly. The result - bikes shops have sold out across the city. And so, it was with a heavy heart that your correspondent exited his flat to see a void where his bike was parked, manacled to scaffolding by two of the strongest locks money can buy. As the security camera shows, two thiefs used a power tool with flying sparks at 5am to help themselves to my bike.