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The Oldie of the Year Award winners AND full gallery of images

Blog | Jan 30, 2019

It’s Oldie of the Year time! And our premier prize, our Lionel d’Or Oldie of the Year Award, goes to the great Lionel Blair, 90.

As Gyles Brandreth writes in his appreciation of Lionel, ‘According to Richard Ingrams, founder of this magazine, to win an Oldie of the Year award, you can’t simply be an elderly achiever: you also need to show that you still have “snap in your celery”.

The Oldie of the Year: Lionel Blair

‘Well, as chairman of the judges, I am happy to report that this year’s overall winner turned ninety last December and is positively bursting with snap, crackle, pop, élan, joie de vivre, panache, dash, bubble, bounce, and va-va-voom.’

Our other winners are:

Amanda Barrie and the Carry On Team - The Oldie Keep Calm and Carry On Award

Sheila Hancock and Peter Bowles win The Oldie Silver Screen Stars of the Year Award

Sheila Hancock accepts her award

Lady Avon wins The Oldie Who Has Seen It All Before and Worse

Desmond Morris wins The Oldie Creative Ape of the Year Award

Judith Kerr wins The Oldie Tigress We’d Like to Have to Tea Award

Hear her roar: Judith Kerr mimics her best-loved character

Margaret Calvert wins The Oldie Signwriter of the Times


Former winner and friend of The Oldie Nicholas Parsons at the 2019 Oldie of the Year Awards

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