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We’re old and hip

Blog | By Nigel Summerley | Aug 11, 2023

The Oldie may be determined not to pander to Youth… but that hasn’t stopped young folk wanting to read it

Our magazine, it seems, has a definite appeal to the young as well as the oldies. Not just because it is brilliantly written, wonderfully informative and sharply witty. We also have star names. Celebs, if you will.

When I was chatting to my younger daughter – just 23 years old – at New Year, she asked me who writes for The Oldie. After I mentioned Anne Robinson, she – as a childhood fan of The Weakest Link – was most impressed. But when I mentioned Giles Wood, it was as if I had dropped the name of the latest contemporary music superstar.

‘Not THE Giles Wood?!’ she exclaimed. ‘The Giles Wood who’s on Gogglebox! He’s great – the best thing on it. So witty. I can’t believe that he writes for you. I’ll have to get it. Do you know him? Can you get his autograph?’

So now I’ve found that it’s not only OK to mention to my offspring that I work for The Oldie – but that it may actually have made me quite cool.

Who would have thought that saying ‘My dad knows Giles Wood’ would be a way of impressing your friends?

NIGEL SUMMERLEY,@NigelSummerley.