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Why can't anti-paedophile protestors spell paedophile? By Harry Mount

Blog | By Harry Mount | Dec 01, 2021

Prospero and Ariel by Eric Gill, with the 'peado' graffiti. (Copyright Harry Mount)

The idiot who smashed up Eric Gill's statue outside the BBC yesterday would have helped his case if he could spell.

Surely, if you're obsessed with a cause, you learn how to spell its main feature, particularly if you're pretty sure you're going to end up on the news. The criminal thug managed to spell paedo wrong twice on the neighbouring stonework: "Noos all peados" and "BBC Peados + propaganda".

At least the idiots who confused a paediatrician for a paedophile in Newport in 2000 got their spelling right. Those fools wrote "paedo" across her front porch and door.

O tempora, o mores. If only aspiring criminals had a classical education. They'd know the root of the word: from pais, paidos, ancient Greek for boy. That became anglicised as the paed- root of related words. Once you know this, you'll never get the a and the e mixed up again.