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Why is Harvey Weinstein's court so familiar?

Blog | By Harry Mount | Jan 12, 2020

Legal temple: The New York State Supreme Court Building Source: Beyond My Ken

Why is the the New York State Supreme Court Building, where Weinstein is being tried, so familiar?

The reason why is that you've seen it a million times on TV and in the cinema. It's starred as a court building in The Godfather, 12 Angry Men, Cagney and Lacey, Kojak, Goodfellas, Wall Street...

I went there a lot when I was New York correspondent for the Telegraph, covering trials. Everything I grew up watching on American crime shows is there: burly NYPD cops; detectives in bulging suits, cradling styrofoam cups of cawfee; barking judges ordering attorneys to approach the bench.

It's a fantastic 1927 building, too, straight out of the movies, built in the style of a Roman temple, with a charming pediment and Corinthian colonnade.

It's very much worth a visit, too, for any tourists. It's based in a handy spot between Wall Street and Little Italy. The moment you go there, you'll feel like you've been there a hundred times before.