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​ Crete: Land of Heroes with Rick Stroud 18th-25th October, 2018

Tours | October 2018

 Rick Stroud, author of Kidnap in Crete, his tale of the wartime kidnap of German General Heinrich Kreipe, writes: ‘Crete is a wonderful destination – a land of heroes, mountain ranges and fertile plains where sheep graze among olive trees, and the air is filled with the scent of thyme. Nearly 4,000 years ago, the island was home to the Minoans, whose legendary king, Minos, has been linked to the palace at Knossos. Fought over and occupied throughout its history, Crete has a rich architectural and artistic heritage. The Cretans are patriots who will die fighting for their island and were last called on to do so in the Second World War. The islanders are passionate in their friendships and feuds, and invariably offer overwhelmingly generous hospitality to visitors.’ Rick will be a wonderful guide to the island, and will take readers to the pivotal sites of the famous kidnap, as well as explaining the earlier disastrous Crete campaign, which the Germans were convinced they had lost on the first day.

We will stay at the exclusive Hotel Veneto in Rethymnon -

Thursday 18th October – Arrive at Rethymnon

Depart London Gatwick with EasyJet at 16.40 on EZY 8763; arrive Heraklion at 22.40. Transfer to the old Venetian quarter of Rethymnon to the Hotel Veneto in time for a late dinner at the award-winning Veneto Restaurant.


Friday 19th October – Chania

A late start with a welcome talk by Rick Stroud. A visit to Maleme airfield, where German parachutists landed in one of the first airborne attacks in history, in May 1941, as part of the Battle of Crete, then on to Gonia Monastery. The Germans occupied the monastery, and the monks were imprisoned in Chania after the Germans found guns inside the chapel. Lunch and time to explore Chania, one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in the world. Crete’s historic former capital is steeped in Minoan, Venetian, Ottoman and Greek history.


Saturday 20th October - Rethymnon

A chance to relax and explore Rethymnon’s weekly market, the Old Quarter, and have coffee on the harbourside, before coming together for lunch. In the afternoon a visit to the massive Venetian fortress or the meticulously restored Sultan bin Ibrahim Mosque. Wander where you will, do some shopping, have a swim in the sea from the sandy beach.


Sunday 21st October Knossos and Cretan Wine Country

An early start to visit the 4,000-year-old Minoan palace of Knossos followed by a relaxing lunch in Elia and Diosmos’s Olive-Mint restaurant at Skalani. After lunch we will have a gentle afternoon in Archanes, a degustation of the impressive Cretan wines and then back to Rethymnon


Monday 22nd October – Heraklion

Visit to the incredible treasure troves of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, including the famed bull-leaping fresco, the recently discovered signet ‘Ring of Minos’ and much, much more. We won’t miss the amazing Venetian city walls including the Chania Gate or Pili Pantokratora (Gate of the Almighty). As we head back to our hotel, we will pause at the place where SOE Major Patrick Leigh Fermor ambushed German commander General Heinrich Kreipe before removing him to Cairo in 1944.


Tuesday 23rd October  – Psykro and Diktean Cave – Lunch at Elounda

High on the fertile Lasithi Plateau, we will visit the sacred ancient Minoan cave of Psykro, then the dramatic Diktean Cave – said to be the birthplace of Zeus. Afterwards we drive down to Elounda to lunch in this picturesque fishing village on the lovely Mirabello Bay. In the afternoon a boat trip and walk around Spinalonga Island, the setting of Victoria Hislop’s book The Island. Before dinner, Constantinos E Mamalakis, curator at the Historical Museum of Crete, will give us an insight into what life was like during the occupation.


Wednesday 24th October – Phaistos and Gortyn

After Knossos, Phaistos is the most important Minoan palatial city. After lunch we head to the ancient Roman capital of Crete, Gortyn, the island’s largest archaeological site, with its 1st-century BC Odeon and 6th-century AD Byzantine Christian church of Agios Titos.


Thursday 25th October – Depart for home

Depart from Heraklion on EasyJet EZY 8762 at 13.55 to London, arriving at Gatwick at 16.00.


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