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10th April at Simpson's-in-the-Strand - SOLD OUT*

Literary Lunches | April 2018

Simpson's-in-the-Strand, London

Drinks reception from 12pm, lunch at 1pm

Paul Atterbury and Marc Allum on Antiques Roadshow: 40 Years of Great Finds

Antiques Roadshow has just turned forty, and two of its broadcasters have joined forces to create a book in celebration. The book uncovers some of the series' most captivating and unlikely stories: the discovery of a poignant letter written by a doomed passenger aboard the Titanic, 23 original Beatrix Potter drawings that were unearthed, plus many more.

Hugo Vickers on The Crown: Truth & Fiction

The Crown: Truth & Fiction delivers a sharp message to filmwriters, producers, and their historical advisers: Fiction should help us understand the truth, not pervert it. Vickers, frequently described as an expert on the Royal Family, writes that he does not approve of the lavish, big-budget Netflix series of the same name because 'it depicts real life people in situations which are partly true and partly false, and unfortunately most viewers take it all as gospel truth.' All will be revealed at the lunch.

John Tusa: Making a Noise: Getting It Right, Getting It Wrong in Life, Arts and Broadcasting

Brought up as a Czechoslovakian emigrant to England, he successfully secured a place at Cambridge (later going on to run Wolfson, the Cambridge college) and then entered the world of broadcasting. From being a presenter on Newsnight to turning around the fate of the Barbican and running the BBC World Service, John Tusa shares his lessons: getting it right, as well as getting it wrong.

*Robert Lacey on The Crown: Inside History will no longer be in attendance at the lunch

£69 for a three-course lunch including wine

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