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Thursday 4th October at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, as part of Ilkley Literature Festival

Literary Lunches | October 2018

Ilkley Literature Festival in the Moorside Ballroom of the Craiglands Hotel in this historic spa town.

Austin Mitchell on Confessions of a Political Maverick For 38 years, the Labour MP Austin Mitchell was a fly in the parliamentary ointment, a recurring itch on the body politic. A maverick may annoy the whips, but the Commons would certainly be a duller place without them, as Mitchell will suggest.

Alan Johnson on In My Life: A Music Memoir From Bob Dylan to David Bowie, from Lonnie Donnegan to Bruce Springsteen, all of Alan's favourites are here. As are his beloved Beatles, whom he has worshipped with undying admiration since 1963. Johnson vividly transports us to a world that is no longer with us - a world of Dansettes and jukeboxes, of heartfelt love songs and heart-broken ballads, of smoky coffee shops and dingy dance halls.

Tessa Boase on Mrs Pankhurst’s Feather

For half a century, from the High Victorian era to the Jazz Age, wild bird species were systematically slaughtered for the millinery trade in one of the most lucrative markets on earth. In 1891, two women’s groups banded together to save the birds. Etta Lemon led the anti-plumage campaign for half a century. Inher way, Lemon was as deeply influential on the modern psyche as the suffragette leader, Emmeline Pankhurst.

£55 for a three-course lunch including wine

This lunch is part of Ilkley Literature Festival, that will be running 28th September to the 14th October this year.

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