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Nicholas Shakespeare, Peter Snow and Ann MacMillan and Simon Jenkins at the March 2018 Literary Lunch

Nicholas Shakespeare, the distinguished novelist, on Six Minutes in May. A talk on Chamberlain's downfall, Churchill's eventual accession to number 10, and with a brief look at what could have happened had events worked out differently. Harry Mount, our editor, also praised Shakespeare for his great modesty, 'bringing up the 16th century playwright and not admitting that they're related'.

Peter Snow and Ann MacMillan, the husband-and-wife writerly pair, on War Stories: Gripping Tales of Courage, Cunning and Compassion. Cheerily and grippingly told: this book examines thirty-four previously untold stories of those who showed great humanity and heroism at a time of war.

And, finally, Simon Jenkins, the esteemed journalist and chronicler of the British landscape, on the rituals, ceremonies and architecture of some of our most undervalued national treasures, in Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations