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Crazy Memories

Oldie Updates | October 2017

SIR: Like Michael Leapman (Olden Life, September issue), I was twelve when first taken by my parents to see the Crazy Gang. It was at the Palladium in 1937. The show was called O-Kay for Sound, which meant nothing, really. It was the brilliant fooling of the Gang that mattered. I have a vivid memory of Bud Flanagan, wearing a wig and dressed as a charlady, wandering around the audience with his mop and bucket. He also carried a feather duster. Most of the audience were in evening dress. We sat in end-row seats at the back of the stalls, with a well-built memsahib in front of me wearing a flowing, deep-backed evening gown and a tiara. ‘Pardon me, madam,’ said Flanagan and quickly flicked his duster over her bare back and shoulders before moving on. We all roared with laughter, of course, but I could not see whether the...

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