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Ka's Ancient Pedigree

Oldie Updates | October 2017

SIR: Martyn Hurst (Rant, September issue) complained about Ford choosing for one of its models the name Ka. This word harks back to ancient Egypt; as an Egyptian noble was being eviscerated and embalmed for entry into the happy hunting ground, their ka was the essential spirit, the soul, the very personality of that person. At death, the ka went AWOL, but the whole point of mummification was that, at some future moment, the preserved body would once again provide a home for the ka.  Surely, to imply that a car is likely to be compatible with the inner soul and its yearnings is not a vainglorious concept. What is a bit odd is to attach the name to one of the oddest and ugliest motors ever put on the market. Colin Taylor, Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.   SIR: Martyn Hurst undoubtedly makes a good point about the inanity of many current...

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